12 May 2012

Back, with a Few Words, Videos, and More Koortwah

It has been quite some time since I have been willing to write, and, in retrospect, I realize that I really needed the time to myself to deal with many issues. 2012 has been one of those years that make you wish it were over already; from my home being broken into and someone in my immediate family passing, I just needed the time to let the dust settle and sort things out in my head. Being back, typing away, is like wearing an old pair of jeans: comfortable, familiar, and feels good. I thought I would start posting again with videos, including Koortwah’s latest video “Candy in the Sun.” But first….

There are a few people I would like to thank for their patience and support during this time: Mia (from miles away I still feel your support), The Candyman and his insufferable other half (for always giving me perspective and being there for me), my “Mama” Charlene (for his undying optimism), and Painted Bird (for continually bringing me back into reality in your own way).

As for the videos, I wanted to lead in with Koortwah’s “Candy in the Sun.” The last time I wrote and posted, I wrote about Koortwah’s debut album, “Lay Them Wise” (link). He has that “je ne sais quoi” characteristic to his music that I am attracted to. Over the last month, I have heard the album over and over and over, and every time my musical expectations continue to be challenged and am left even more curious than the previous time; continuously mixing and switching up everything from IDM and synthpop to post-punk and synth-rock, this is the kind of album that no one song as an exemplar can really capture the dynamics of all its intricacies. It really is a must listen to album, but with that said, the video for “Candy in the Sun” needs to go viral! Support this amazing independent musician and get the word out about the album and the video!

Koortwah’s “Candy in the Sun” from the KOORTWAH YouTube Channel.

Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains’ “City Kiss” from the DominoRecords YouTube Channel.

Twin Shadow’s “Five Seconds” from the 4ADRecords YouTube Channel.

The Big Pink's “Lose Your Mind” from the 4ADRecords YouTube Channel.

Gossip’s “Perfect World” from the GossipVEVO YouTube Channel.

The Magnetic Fields’ “Quick!” from the MergeRecords YouTube Channel.

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