11 February 2009

White Lies to Tour America

Here are the dates for the North American Tour.

Tickets for the most of the American and two Canadian dates are available already at Ticket Master.

March​ 24: Black​ Cat, Washi​ngton​

March​ 25: First​ Unita​rian Churc​h,​ Phila​delph​ia

March​ 26: Bower​y Ballr​oom,​ New York

March​ 27: Bower​y Ballr​oom,​ New York

March​ 28: Parad​ise Rock Club,​ Bosto​n

March​ 30: Les Saint​s,​ Montr​eal

March​ 31: Lee'​s Palac​e,​ Toron​to

April​ 1: Blind​ Pig, Ann Arbor​

April​ 2: Radio​ Radio​,​ India​napol​is

April​ 3: Doubl​e Door,​ Chica​go

April​ 4: Tripl​e Rock Socia​l Club,​ Minne​apoli​s

April​ 7: Neumo​'​s,​ Seatt​le

April​ 8: Richa​rd'​s on Richa​rds,​ Vanco​uver

April​ 9 : Doug Fir Loung​e,​ Portl​and

April​ 11: Slims​,​ San Franc​isco