15 May 2009

More Videos

Been waiting up on some new releases, thinking of some interview questions, and anxiously awaiting a few concerts coming up soon. In the mean time, enjoy the videos.

I have decided to allow comments on these posts from this point on. But of course there are some ground rules. The first is absolutely no links to rapidfile share or such sites - they will be deleted immediately. Any links to videos should always be from official providers - we should support bands/musicians on how they have decided to distribute their music. And lastly, respect - no personal attacks. Hopefully we can generate some good conversation on music, videos, and the industry. Remember, we will read bullshit, we may even laugh at bullshit, but we will most definitely delete bullshit.

Update, we have cleared up the tech issues with postings.

Delphic: "Counterpoit" from their YouTube Channel Delphicmusic.

The XX: "Crystalised" on the Youngturksrecords YouTubeChannel.

Detachments: "The Flowers That Fell" from the RadarMusicVideos YouTube Channel.

Camera Obscura: "French Navy" from the RemoteControlRecords YouTube Channel.

KASMS: "Male Bonding" from their YouTube Channel KASMS4REAL.

Isa and the Filthy Tongues: "New Town Killers" from their YouTube Channel: Filthytongues.


  1. They're so awesome. I love The Detachments' The Flowers That Fell, the song has been on repeat so many times!

  2. I love the catchiness of "the flower that fell" by detachments. Also who would believe that Camera Obscura even though their so old their music is so amazing(compared to the crap out now).

  3. I'm loving the first two songs. and the "Crystalized" video is so interesting to watch, even though its kind of creepy. lol
    The last song is pretty catchy too

  4. I must thank you for putting up these songs, they were incredible. When I was watching the first video, I was trying to figure out what was happening and realized that I had completely missed the lyrics. BIG MISTAKE! The lyrics are amazing! The video, I must add, was quite..."unique." And then there is the second song, "Crystalised" which in my opinion was even better than the first, the lyrics really got to me, I mean, " Do I have to keep up the pace to keep you satisfied?" 0.o And I also liked the whole projection thingy going on in the background, it's so unique, I never really saw something like that before. And what's their accent, it is, in fact, very appealing ;)
    And then we have the third video, it was nice and all but it didn't do justice to the actual song itself, but that's just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to an opinion right? "Camera Obscura" made me smile and all, but I really don't like lovey-dovey songs, mostly I dislike the vids, you know what I mean? As for "Male Bonding"...no comment ^^! And finally, there's "New Town Killers" which I simply ah-dored! I kinds played it over and over again ^^! If you really want some sick music videos, you should check out the Japanese band, "Dir En Grey" with, preferably, their songs, "mazohyst of decadence" and "Obscure" and if you have a weak stomach....don't watch them, but do look up the lyrics, they are great!