23 September 2009


Here are six videos that I have been grooving too lately. Enjoy!

MSTRKRFT, featuring John Legend: “Heartbreaker” from their YouTube Channel: MSTRKRFTMUSIC.

Chickenhawk: “I Hate This, Do You Like It?” from the RocahProductionsUK YouTube Channel.

The Answering Machine: “Okalahoma” from their YouTube Channel: AnsweringMachiineBand.

Little Boots: “Remedy” from her YouTube Channel: littlebootsvideos.

Kids Love Lies: “Under the Bed” from their Viemo Channel: Kids Love Lies.

Under the Bed by Kids Love Lies from Kids Love Lies on Vimeo.

Empire of the Sun: “Without You” from their YouTube Channel: EmpireOfTheSunSound.

1 comment:

  1. Chickenhawk had a fucking insane video. It was definitely something I was not expecting. I enjoyed the vid by The Answering Machines a lot.