27 April 2010

A Brief Rant...

No review this week, and Roman (SDM) is home sick with food poisoning. However, a mutual friend of ours, we shall call her Painted Bird, had expressed the desire to write for the blog… and of course we were more than happy to welcome her to the family. She is an eclectic artist with an eclectic taste in music, and instead of introducing her by means of a review, she wanted to bitch… ummm I mean rant a little. Welcome aboard Painted Bird, and I hope you all enjoy.

Music, a compilation of breath taking songs, colorful words, and that rhythmic feeling you can’t get from anything else, and thus in terms a sanctuary. When I think of music, I think of both controversy and how it has helped us trace ourselves in today’s world. Whether it’s part of the hype machine or not, there is always someone willing to dapple into a specific genre and will just listen to it over and over again until he/she becomes a complete drone to that scene (I’m quite sure everyone knows someone that does that…); unfortunately, with each new drone, they add themselves to the already sufficient population of “people who have no personality,” as said by Emilie Autumn in her song “Art of Suicide”: “The world is full of poets we don’t need anymore; the world is full of singers we don’t need anymore; the world is full of lovers we don’t need any more…” Though Ms. Autumn’s words are poignant, especially of the mainstream, musicians in the last decade have decided to make a more spectacular type of music instead of the same old “sodomy containing music,” which does constantly quote over and over again that they are “gonna get that girl,” gets vague and annoying… all the time you are thinking, “Alright we get it now, get over yourself.”

Honestly that is why I do not listen to the radio, because the music is simply chosen for you to listen to, something that Roman (SDM the man) has written about at length. People become so indulged with the music that of course they know it word for word, but do they ever think to question, “What if they played this song?” Sadly, they don’t. Say I use Little Wayne as an example; he is in fact (to me) one of the coolest rappers I would ever choose to listen to, but, from my experience, if you try to expand the typical listeners’ (of Little Wayne) musical horizons they shoot you down, leaving you slapping around the ground like a goldfish out of water. Actually this has me wondering: Do you know who Neuroticfish is? If you do, then you’re awesome! If you don’t, go to YouTube! He is completely wicked and awesome. So, yeah maybe by now you’ve realized I’m kind of quirky, well duh! I am a misunderstood artist that might turn to cutting off my ear like the famous Vincent Van Gogh, (okay maybe not), but anyhow I’ve come to realize the community I live in stereotypes people either by the music they listen to or by the way people choose to dress.

Truth be told, I’ve been criticized for my being different, but haven’t we all? I’ve been told that since I dress like a “goth rocker” that I must only listen to gloomy rock music, um yeah… if that’s what you think. What people do not see beyond the surface is that I am always trying to expand my world and tastes, including looking into global music. For example, two acts that have really gotten my attention are Tsukiko Amano and The Gazette. So as I said before, music is a type of sanctuary for me, and I often use it to inspire me to create my art, which is often as misunderstood as the artists I listen to.

Unlike so many music listeners today, when I come across music that was made before I was born, I always take a listen, when for most people I know it is simply considered old, useless, and corny. Yet, many of these bands have become some of my favorites. And in this sample the past for music world, it really does upset me that so many people will not listen to older music, because they actually they are listening to a brand new twist of the songs in samples.

Though I think that SDM and all the crew here have done an incredible job with the range of music… though lately Roman is back on a synthpop kick that is driving me crazy… I have decided that I wanted to add to the mix of the blog. Below are a few video clips of music that I love and I hope to find the time occasionally to come back here on the blog and write about the music I love in more specific terms, as well as perhaps look at some of the artwork associated with the music on the blog. Till then, I hope to see you on the other side of my strange musical mix-matched taste.

Dethklok”s “Birthday Dethday” from their YouTube Channel: DethklokMusic.

Live clip of Emilie Autumn’s “Dead Is the New Alive” from her MySpace Video page.

Emilie Autumn "Dead Is The New Alive" Promo

Emilie Autumn (Official) | MySpace Music Videos

Enigma’s “Sadness Part I” from their MySpace Video page.

ENIGMA - Sadeness Part I

ENIGMA | MySpace Music Videos

Sade’s “Smooth Opertor” from the SadeVEVO YouTube Channel.

And a link for Stuck in the Sound’s “Toy Boy” from the irenecommercials YouTube Channel.

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