17 May 2010

VV Brown Answers 5 on "City of Abacus"

The seven-issue “City of Abacus” comic series launched this month, and will be collected into a graphic novel later this year (link for review of “City of Abacus”). The original posting of “City of Abacus” marked the first time SlowdiveMusic Blog covered something that was not “music related,” though singer, songwriter V.V. Brown is one of the writers. Why review it? Because “City of Abacus” is relevant and urgent, and if you dare to scratch the surface, there is a truth/reality that all of us should be conscious of. Of course, I could not pass the opportunity to commemorate this new direction without an interview, and few e-mails later, voilà. So I would like to personally thank V.V. Brown for taking the time to answer 5.

1. What is the genesis of “The City of Abacus”?

The symbolic genesis begins with a lost city, introduced through the symbol of a lost girl. The narrative genesis is one to be revealed throughout the story showing the lineage of reason and understanding. Like most historical beginnings the reasons lie in the understanding of the characters and their psychology, this development introduces the foundation.

2. Prior to “City of Abacus,” what experience did you have with comics?

I read them a lot. I found it a form of “xscapism” and a way to challenge my philosophical questions as a kid.

3. Comics / graphic novels do not have the same constraints as music or film. In a manner of speaking, the tradition of comics is one of social criticism and creating a chronicle of society’s attitudes and beliefs. But what are the constraints in creating through this medium?

There are no constraints but rather more a liberating sense of freedom. A sense of new discovery, where other forms of art inspire other forms of art.

4. Having studied and taught literature, I am a sucker for a good allegory, and the names of the characters seems highly allegorical. So out of curiosity, where did you draw your inspiration for the character and name of “Freeda?”

Freeda = freedom.

5. The concept of having memories erased is a very powerful metaphor for what is happening in the world today; most people do not see this happening to them in their day-to-day life. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I have come to believe this whole-heartedly when I hear all of the spin in the news. Do you really think that the world as become this “Orwellian?”

Absolutely. Desensitation, social hypnosis, anti-social behaviour due to social networking sites, books rewritten, polarised governments.... The world is spinning upside down and we are far removed from the beginning. The abacus, the first computer. George Orwell is definitely an inspiration.

For more information, please visit the “City of Abacus” homepage, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

Keep up with V.V. Brown at her homepage, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

From TheCityOfAbacus YouTube Channel, here is a video preview and interview exclusive.

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