04 August 2010

Pendulum: “Immersion”

When I think of that entire range of electronic rock to synthpunk, I usually think of The Prodigy right away, but now that notion might just change. Though generally unknown in the United States, Pendulum has spend the last few years building their fan base in their native Australia and the UK, and now making their biggest splash with their third studio album, “Immersion” (21 May 2010 in Australia, 24 May 2010 in the UK, 8 June 2010 USA as an import). And I did not mean to create a false comparison between Pendulum and The Prodigy by my opening statements; they are as different as can be, but Pendulum is further evidence of the vibrant music scene in Australia.

“Watercolour” is the lead single of the album, which the video is as astonishing as the song. This is the type of song that when you listen to the adrenalin starts to pump. Next thing you know, five minutes have elapsed and you are going faster than before, whether running or driving. Though it starts out with a piano, the beat picks up within thirty seconds, and next thing you know, you have this musical orgy, with extensive use of the synthesizer, and the noticeable rhythm of the drums; it becomes an intoxicating song that you just find yourself unknowingly jamming to.

Though they merge the best aspects of electronic rock and drum and bass, the production style definitely leans towards the electronic. However, “Witchcraft” was definitely produced with more of a rock feel than anything else, giving the album more diversity in how it feels. Not a rock song by any definition of that label, it definitely incorporates some rock vocal arrangements, rhythm arrangements, and a touch of “nu metal.” Continuing that rocking feeling is “Self vs. Self,” which features Swedish metal band In Flame. Now I am not a metal head, but I will say that they have now proved themselves of being a band that isn’t only a group that could create electronic rock, but also have the chops and courage to push the envelop a bit and bend genres.

Rock influences aside, this album definitely offers up a range of electronic music that is impressive. “Immersion” has it all, from straight-out-and-out electronica to drum and bass. My advice, we should all get a bit Australian and listen to this one. (Sidenote: Liam Howlett, of The Prodigy, does make an appearance on the album.)

Track Listing:
1. Genesis
2. Salt in the Wounds
3. Watercolour
4. Set Me on Fire
5. Crush
6. Under the Waves
7. Immunize, featuring Liam Howlett
8. The Island – Pt. I (Dawn)
9. The Island – Pt. II (Dusk)
10. Comprachios
11. The Vulture
12. Witchcraft
13. Self vs. Self, featuring In Flames
14. The Fountain, featuring Steven Wilson
15. Encoder

Keep up with Pendulum at their homepage, MySpace, and Facebook.
Here is their video for “Witchcraft” from their YouTube Channel: pendulumlive.

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