23 September 2010

Videos.... But First....

Below are a few new videos, but first ever heard of Comateens?

I reconnected with an old friend, and of course one of the first conversations we had was all about music. As we lounged in his living room, the laptop was whipped out and we surfing through YouTube, and of course our selections were obscure (and some may even say obtuse at time!). His very choice of video to bring up was “Get Off My Case” by Comateens, which I had not heard in many, many, many years! So let me share that video upfront.

(From comateensnyc YouTube Channel.)

My friend later shared some information, which I now want to share with you now. As we are in the midst of an 80s revival, I think that when we look back, we need to remember those bands that are truly “unsung heroes.” So, here is a bit of information on Comateens: a new wave New York City trio that formed in 1978 and released three albums. They were part of the original wave of new wave on this side of the Atlantic, but the band would dissolve in 1985. We will skip tragedy and years now and simply say the story does continue….

First, the limited collector’s edition of their eponymous debut album is available for purchase again. What is going to really catch your attention is that the band directly transferred the original analog tapes to digital, keeping the original early 80s electronic feel to it. You can purchase the CD directly from the band at their shop: link.

Furthermore, the band will be re-uniting to play the Mudd Club / Club 57 / New Wave Vaudeville Reunion Show at the Delancey Lounge. The line-up is going to include: Joey Arias, Bush Tetras, Comateens, John Kelly, Richard Lloyd, Lisa Lost, Ann Magnuson, Marilyn, Sic F*cks, Walter Steding, Tina Peel, and 3 Teens Kill 4. You can purchase tickets at this link.

For more information on Comateens, you can go to their homepage, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter.

And now for some new videos, and first off is Post Death Soundtrack. And as anyone who knows me knows, I think that singer Steve More is one of the most talented and intriguing musicians out there – and he did not pay me to say that!

Post Death Soundtrack’s “Ultraviolence” from their Vimeo Channel: Post Death Soundtrack.

Post Death Soundtrack - "Ultraviolence" Official Music Video from Post Death Soundtrack on Vimeo.

Miami Horror’s “Echoplex” from their Vimeo Channel: Miami Horror.

Echoplex from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

Howls’ “Hammock” from the parlophone YouTube Channel.

Deerhunter’s “Helicopter” from the 4ADRecords YouTube Channel.

Shakespears Sister’s “It’s A Trip” from their YouTube Channel: ShakespearsSisterTV.

Blonde Redhead’s “Not Getting There” from the 4ADRecords YouTube Channel.

I Am Kloot’s “Proof” from their YouTube Channel: iamklootmedia.

School of Seven Bells’ “Windstorm” from their YouTube Channel: SchoolofSevenBells.

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