09 November 2010

Videos and Update

Life, life, life – my three little words to describe my lack of time. After a much needed get away this past week, my batteries are recharged and I am ready to really play catching up. Later, I am going to sit down to write about Fossil Collective, and this week I will definitely get to Alphafalls, Clara Engel, Kent (one of my favorite Swedish bands!), and Wild Nothing, an amazing new band recommended to me by Shaun Frandsen of Sudden Death Over Time (review and interview links). Also, my translator (who has been really busy as well) is working on the English version of an interview, not to mention that we will be filming an interview with a local NYC band, Crash Theory. (Then I will be working on a small school based production with my sixth grade teacher, who inspired a love of synthpop in me!)

So … enjoy the videos, more postings to come very soon!

Miami Horror’s “Holiday” from their Vimeo Channel: Miami Horror.

Holidays from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

I Blame Coco’s “In Spirit Golden” from her YouTube Channel: iblamecoco.

Robyn’s “Indestructible” from her YouTube Channel: Robynmusic.

Crystal Castles’ “Not in Love” featuring Robert Smith [of The Cure] – track, no video – from the fictionrecords YouTube Channel.

Life in Film’s “Sorry” from their MySpace Videos Page.

Life In Film 'SORRY'

Life In Film | Myspace Music Videos

Hurts’ “Stay” from their YouTube Channel: videohurts.

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  1. I love Miami Horror's video lol and I love the song; I blame coco...her voice is amazing its just so perfectly raspy lol she sounds similar to her dad, Robyn is always been amaze balls! and I really like Hurts Stay as well its that bass in the backgroud!