02 February 2011

Skywatchers: "Serves Me Right"

Many thanks to Jarrod Gosling for keeping me in the loop.

Skywatchers are releasing their new single, “Serves Me Right,” on 21 February 2011 … but we have a preview for your listening pleasure right now.

Skywatchers is the new project by I Monster’s Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling; the single is lifted from their album, “Skywatchers Handbook” (13 September 2010 in the UK and USA). What can we say about “Serves Me Right”? In the band’s words, “It does not concern space travel, but it is rather elevating.” And I could not agree more!


You can head over to iTunes and checkout the album and support the band – UK and USA links. Don’t forget to head back to iTunes on 21 February 2011 for the release of the single, that will include a new track, “The Fool and the Star,” as well as two remixes.

Keep up with Skywatchers at their homepage, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

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