27 April 2011

Updates, Videos, and a Film

Okay … trying to settle into a smooth schedule of writing some reviews; up coming soon will be Arc in Round and Viva Stereo. Below are some videos, but first a bit about a horror film and festival.

Unbeknownst to me one of my colleagues and friend is an aspiring filmmaker. Now, I am a fan of horror movies, so of course I was immediately interested in his film, “Talon,” The film will be screened at the Pittsburgh Film Festival, 3 June 2011 to 5 June 2011. Below I have posted two film posters and his trailer (from the livingpeanut YouTube Channel) for “Talon.” Check out the posters and trailers, check out the information at the Pittsburgh Film Festival website (which will be screening tons of horror!), and consider checking out the festival.

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And now for videos … Enjoy!

Tom Vek’s “A Chore” from the TomVekVEVO YouTube Channel.

Esben and the Witch’s “Chorea” from the matadorrecs YouTube Channel.

The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club’s “A Conversation” from their YouTube Channel: tvegc.

Everything Everything’s “Final Form” from their YouTube Channel: EvrythingEvrything.

The Pinker Tones’ “Invisible” from the Nacionalrecords YouTube Channel.

Elbow’s “Open Arms” from their YouTube Channel: elbowmusicuk.

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