14 November 2011

Videos, Kevin Pearce's Debut, and a Few Words

2011 has been, personally, a rough year; my apologies for having been away for two weeks – my thanks to those who have been patient and the good wishes and prayers for my family during a crisis. But I have been writing (quite a bit) and I will start that arduous process of editing and posting very shortly (though the actual posts may come via a collaborator).

A few months back I reviewed Kevin Pearce’s “Pocket Handkerchief Lane” (link). The album is now officially released (as of 7 November 2011), and you can preview the album and purchase at iTunes (here are the links for the iTunes stores in the UK and USA).

Among the artists featured in this post, there are some familiar names. I was excited to post new singles by Brett Anderson (“Crash About to Happen”) and Mirrors (“Dust”). The Italian indie band Daisy Chain is also featured; I reviewed their album “A Story Has No Beginning or End” back in June (link) and there is something about this posted track (“The End of the Affair”) that really gets me. Of course it is always great to post some new names, like The Rifles, and hopefully introduce you to something you may have not heard before.

I opted against posting the Madonna leak (“Give Me Your Love”) and Sunday Girl’s cover of “Love U More.” First, I stand by my previous commitment: I only post music from official sources. Therefore, I am not going to indulge in the Madonna leak (to a certain set of friends, stop e-mailing me the request!). Second, so many musicians have covered “Love U More,” originally by Sunscreem, so many times in the past decade, that I am wondering why the hell? There are so many songs from the 1990s to be covered and saved from obscurity, that to chose a song because it has the marks of a “hit” is too cliché for me. On that note, to the same group of friends, sorry once again … no luck today, ha?

Enjoy the videos!

Brett Anderson’s “Crash About to Happen” from the BrettAndersonVideo YouTube Channel.

Mirror’s “Dust” from the m1rrors YouTube Channel.

Daisy Chains’
“The End of the Affair” from the DaisyChainsBand YouTube Channel.

Dog Is Dead’s “Hands Down” from the dogisdeadband YouTube Channel.

Friendly Fires’ “Hurting” from the FriendlyFiresVEVO YouTube Channel.

Friends’ “I’m His Girl” from the friendszone YouTube Channel.

The Pinker Tones’ “Sampleame” [“Sample Me”] from the Nacionalrecords YouTube Channel.

The Rifles’
“Tangled Up” from the NettwerkMusic YouTube Channel.

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  1. Sunday Girl did a fantastic job covering it though. Already used it in one of my mixes! :)


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