13 March 2009

The Onlookers Answer 5

It is not easy for any new band to try to establish itself and get the backing of a major label to create all the hype. But in our digital age, the Internet is giving us access to so many exciting new bands, that we should take a moment to pause and listen. One of those bands is the Onlookers. Though they are busy at work (with a great EP out on iTunes (“The Onlookers EP”) that you should get your hands on), they have taken the time to answer 5.

1. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Our influences vary musically [from] artists on the 1960's Electra record label, Motown and bands from the early 1990s.

2. There is some wild info out there on how the band formed, including a police line-up. How did the band come together?

The band formed because half of us are related and the other half lived near by and we thought we could do better.

3. Why “The Onlookers?” How did the name come about?

Whenever you read a newspaper article that word is written at least once.

4. In this digital age, the Internet is becoming more and more intricately interwoven into the lives of people. How important is an Internet presence to a new band?

It is a very important tool for getting music out to people, but at the end of the day if you cannot deliver live it’s useless.

5. You refer to your audience/following as “brothers and sisters” in a blog posting; how important is it to you to feel a sense of affinity with your audience?

It's very important as everyone needs a family, and family is important.

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(Photographs by Sam Seager, check out his work.)