16 March 2009

Superoscope Answers 5

Born in New York City, Superoscope combines the best in electronic body music and electro-industrial with an amazing pop sensibility. This sound, this mindset, is most definitely part of the future of electronic music, as they point to the possibilities of making darker, anxious music and forbidding, urgent beats more accessible to a wider audience, while never compromising their sound. And to top all of that, they have agreed to Answer 5.

1. Who are your musical and nonmusical influences?

Musical: Chopin, Elvis Presley, Fad Gadget, Philip Glass, Thom Yorke
Nonmusical: physics, sociology, ecology

2. How did the band come together? What was the genesis?

Here you can check out the story on the bio. (links below)

3. I hear you always dress in white on stage; why? How important is the visual image of the band to you guys?

We want to be as clean as possible in every way. We aim at being spiritually clean and it is manifested in every realm of our activity, as well as by the outfits. That's why we wash our white Hazmat suit outfits often. We also feel we have something more to say than a temporary fashion style. We do not want Superoscope to be a product of the marketing process; we want to stay away from that.

4. In terms of the means you use to generate music, do you prefer hardware or software? What difference in equipment do you use for studio recording versus live performance?

We do not limit ourselves to any environment, we are constantly seeking new possibilities, new sounds, new solutions, that is why [we] travel a lot. We try to sample everything that is unusual and seems to be interesting for our production. We use a lot of software, innovative plug-ins created by independent developers. In general, we feel like we need to learn a lot.

For live acts we designed a dedicated solution that we will present in the near future.

5. In this digital age, the Internet is coming to replace the radio as the means for exposure to new music. How important is the Internet for Superoscope and are there any drawbacks?

The Internet is the most important tool for us, for music promotion. We do not see any drawbacks to it. That is why we concentrate on the Internet so much. The Internet helps staying clean, you don't waste resources to produce temporary material stuff. We believe that listeners will make good use of the Internet. The Internet gives us freedom to create our music wherever we are. We are not limited to any location and most importantly the Internet gives us the opportunity to transmit our music to anyone in the universe.

Follow the band on their homepage, MySpace, Facebook, and the Superoscope Channel on YouTube Channel. Here is a link for a video entitlted “A Green Recovery” (set to their song “Hypersensitivity”). It sets Superoscope apart from most bands – it demonstrates that they have a social, global consciousness.