11 November 2009

And We're Back to Videos

Managing all of the links on this blog is becoming a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we have decided not to go back and update the past video links. We always provide the YouTube Channel, Vimeo Channel, or MySpace page where the videos come from; if an embed is no longer available, please check out the artist on the official provider's page. Thanks!

And enjoy the videos!

Architects' "Follow the Water" from the CenturyMedia YouTube Channel.

Thursday's "Circuits of Fever" from the EpitaphRecords YouTube Channel.

Boy of Girl's "Hot Chocolate Boy" from their YouTube Channel: boyofgirlofficial.

Fenech-Soler's "Lies" from their YouTube Channel: fenechvideo.

Ellie Goulding's "Under the Sheets" from her YouTube Channel: elliegoulding.

Muse's "Undisclosed Desires" from their MySpace Video Page.

Undisclosed Desires

MUSE | MySpace Video

Rancid's "Up to No Good" from their YouTube Channel: rancidvideo999.

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