24 November 2009

Videos, but First a Few Words and X:THC

As the year is coming to a close, the amount of releases of new music is starting to slowdown, and that is part of the reason why we have not posted as consistently as in past months. But Juju and I have been listening to stuff that got by us during the year or were just not able to give time to, and compiling a few CDs for review that we feel really feel we need to give attention to. Nevertheless, we plan to refrain from posting in the last two weeks of December (unless something of great importance comes up), but we do plan to return in early January with our Best of 2009 list – including our favorite albums, tracks, album cover art, and videos. We’ve booked some time to listen to music together, watch some videos again, and then collectively vote, so that our list is not the opinion of just one person, but rather compiled from the input of all five people who have reviewed music. We welcome any comments or opinions of what you thought was the best of 2009.

Lastly, I want to remind anyone in the NYC / Brooklyn area that X: THC is playing at Monkeytown tomorrow night – Wednesday, November 25. For more information about the show and the upcoming CD, please check out the posting on the album review (link) and an interview with the band’s vocalist Michael Nova (link).

Enjoy the videos.

Little Boots’ “Earthquake” from her YouTube Channel: littlebootsvideos.

The Twang’s “Encouraging Sign” from their YouTube Channel: TheTwangTV.

Two Door Cinema Club’s “I Can Talk” from their MySpace Video page.

Two Door Cinema Club | I Can Talk

TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB | MySpace Music Videos

Wetdog’s “Lower Leg” from the angularrecords YouTube Channel.

The Golden Filter’s “Thunderbird” from their YouTube Channel: thegoldenfilter.

Kasabian’s “Underdog” from their YouTube Channel: KasabianTour.

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  1. favorite videos, two door cinema club[nice name], little boots, and The Twang.
    Those videos/songs stuck out to me, and I keep replaying two door cinema club idk why but the beat is just catchy