04 June 2011

Mirrors: “Lights and Offerings”

Well first I’d like to start off by saying good riddance to a very busy week, and now let’s get down to business: hopefully Mirrors isn’t an overlooked band because quite frankly they’re extremely entertaining.When in transition to solely an auditory state, one is indefinitely encased in a room with four soundproof walls. A short time ago, it crossed my mind to review Mirrors’ “Lights and Offerings” (1 March 2011 us the USA). When I first listened to the album, for many reasons I pushed it away again and again because synthpop was never really my strong point, but as one who is always willing to increase my musical horizons I gave it a chance. Again and again, the more I listened to the album the more I became adapted to it. Eventually I was struck with pure and utter curiosity; I became intrigued by the way that they could convey their almost retro tunes. Being a big fan of (80s) electropop, Indie, Tango, and everything else in between, I found it strange to waddle out of my normal listening area to this select amount of tracks. Personally an accurate depiction of this album would have to be cruising down an anxious highway with a nonchalant look upon your face, and before you know it you’re home at last.

The race begins with the electric intro “Fear of Drowning”; reduced to smithereens would be a proper word to use when describing this track, but we are reminded of that highway with the evident twists and turns that are evident in the track. “And now the rains falling in, greasing your skin, the fear of drowning again,” slow down music driver, it should be remembered we are still on the mindset of driving on that highway; with such enticing lyrics such as those I was sent on a drifting thought that tied together the “Fear of Drowning” and no longer cruising but being struck with a small anxiety attack. With the help of the repetitious beat and singer James New’s rather haunting voice, you are most seemingly rescued.

My favorite track on the album has to be “Hide and Seek,” because I was strongly reminded of “A-Punk” by Vampire Weekend; I recalled a similar beat that was played in this song and soon enough this song became really catchy. I could officially say that Mirrors had finally got a strong hold on me with their vibrant synthpop tunes and elaborate ways of conducting an electrical sound. Also I realized why it took so long for me to accept this album — I wasn’t born in the 80’s, although this probably has nothing whatsoever to do with the band, I still feel like I am listening to A-Ha’s “Take Me On,” but on a rather musical note Mirrors is really good at entrancing their listener!

“Lights and Offerings” will probably be one of the first albums that have revolves solely around that of synthpop that I have ever truly enjoyed. Despite a massive amount of stubbornness on my behalf, I was introduced to a genre that leaves me looping song consecutively just because I like the way it sounds. What’s more to say other than this album might have you too looping and dancing like a robot; it’s definitely worth the listen so cruise on over!

Track Listing:
1. Fear of Drowning
2. Look at Me
3. Into the Heart
4. Write Through the Night
5. Ways to an End
6. Hide and Seek
7. Somewhere Strange
8. Something on Your Mind
9. Searching in the Wilderness
10. Secrets

Keep up with Mirrors at their homepage, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here are the videos for “Look at Me,” “Way to an End,” “Hide and Seek,” and “Into the Heart” from their YouTube Channel: m1rrors.

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