08 June 2011

Videos from France

SDM’s (Roman’s) friend, Pym, shared some video links with him, and I got to shift through the videos. So I decided it would be a great idea to share some of these with everyone. Our thanks to Pym! Enjoy the videos.

Rubin Steiner’s “Another Record Story” from the IamRubinSteiner YouTube Channel.

Andromakers’ “Apple Crush” from the YomghY YouTube Channel.

The Popopopops’ “Grenade” from thepopopopopsband YouTube Channel.

My Broken Frame’s “No One” from williamchurch YouTube Channel.

Ladylike Lily’s “Pearl and Potatoes” from the LadylikeLilyTV YouTube Channel.

Manceau’s “Whisper” from the ManceauMovie YouTube Channel.

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