09 July 2011

"The Homecoming" (Microfilm Remix)

My thanks to Microfilm for keeping SDM Blog in the loop.

Posted below is a remix of Sarah Nixey’s upcoming single, “The Homecoming” (18 July 2011), by Microfilm. Microfilm’s remix to the song takes this acoustic number into the world of deep house, and of course they were more than happy than to share this track with us.

“The Homecoming” (Microfilm Remix) from their Soundcloud page: microfilmmusic.

The Homecoming (Microfilm remix) by Microfilm

Keep up with Microfilm at their homepage, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out their Bandcamp page where you preview and purchase their music.

Keep up with Sarah Nixey at her homepage, MySpace, and Facebook. Go to iTunes (American link) to preview her latest album, “Brave Tin Soliders” (9 May 2011), and purchase.

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