01 July 2011

Videos from the 90s

If given the choice between the 80s or the 90s, there is no thinking in that for me – give me the 80s. I will argue till the last breath that it was truly a decade of change, a decade that continues to influence people directly, and the one with the most diversity and (tacit) acceptance. But the 90s were not depleted of talent and incredible gems. So I collected a few of these to share with everyone.

But first I would like to say a few words on these bands and tracks.

Artists like Bjork, Blur, and Catherine Wheel are part of the soundtrack of my life, while with songs such as “Fade Into You,” “Laid,” and “Ready to Go” I have attached incredible memories to that keep me warm at night. For instance, I will never forget the night that DJ Chauncey and I saw the reunited Eurythmics perform “Seventeen Again” at Madison Square Garden. Or how the line “Hey dad, what do you think about your son now?” in Filter’s “Take a Picture” makes me think of my own deceased father. It leads me to think that quite often our favorite music has less to do with the talent of these bands or artists (though I think them all talented), than it does with the memories we ascribe to the songs.

I have one final thing to say … one word: Suede! (The London) Suede is just an amazing band. If there were only one band that you were going to investigate and learn more about on this list, I would say it should be Suede (I need to hide from all the Annie Lennox fans after stating that, but obviously I think that all of these bands merit being investigated). With the band reunited, there is hope that Brett Anderson will once again lead this band into a studio to record a long awaited (near ten years) album.

(PS - Republica is also officially reunited! And Eurythmics have a new site coming soon, is that a hint for the future?)

On that note, enjoy!

(The London) Suede’s “The Beautiful Ones” from the suedevideo YouTube Channel.

Catherine Wheel’s “Crank” from the CatherineWheelVEVO YouTube Channel.

Mazzy Star’s “Fade into You” from the MazzyStarVEVO YouTube Channel.

Blur’s “For Love” from the emimusic YouTube Channel.

Bjork’s “Hyperballad” from the bjorkdotcom YouTube Channel.

James’ “Laid” from the JamesVEVO YouTube Channel.

Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” from the emimusic YouTube Channel.

Placebo’s “Pure Morning” from their MySpace video page.

Pure Morning

Placebo | Myspace Music Videos

Republica’s “Ready to Go” from the RepublicaVEVO YouTube Channel.

Eurythmics’ “Seventeen Again” from the EurythmicsVEVO YouTube Channel.

Filter’s “Take a Picture” from the OfficialFilterUTube Channel.

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