10 October 2011

Iori's Eyes: "Matter of Time EP"

Mesmerizing and enchanting is initially the first thing I would like to say about Iori’s Eyes’ second EP, “Matter of Time EP” (October 27, 2010). I first encountered Iori’s Eyes several months ago while I was ciphering through the random suggestions of YouTube’s sidebar; once clicked I found myself in love, both utterly and endlessly. The very first song I heard from Iori’s Eyes was “The Boat,” instantly I fell in love with the opening chimes from the keyboard and the settling voice that haunted my ears for weeks. I found myself lost in translation and eventually found myself forgetting about the band that created this masterpiece because of course afterwards I just simply drifted on to other songs in YouTube’s magical sidebar of suggestions. And now, here I am writing this review about Iori’s Eyes because once again I crossed paths with “The Boat.”

I would like to think of the “Matter of Time EP” as a ship all in itself, a ship sailing through a relentless sea that is both precarious and ethereal. Swimming through the visual ocean that I have created is Iori’s Eyes, hailing from Milan, Italy; they bring pop music from another dimension. Iori’s Eyes are in fact a superb trio who simply electrifies their listeners on a viral level, so viral that it is both mentally stimulating and physically contagious. I believe I have listened to this EP at least a dozen times, which is usually a norm for me when I really enjoy something. I seem to be constantly captivated by Clod’s (vocals and guitar) voice when listening to the EP; while his voice echoes through many of the tracks they are left imprinted on the cavity in which my brain is installed. I was also thoroughly impressed by the other two band members who connected so evenly with Clod’s vocals—Sofia (bass, keyboards, back vocals) and Giacomo (drums, percussions, keyboards, back vocals); they bring to the table the impressive rhythms that allow me as a listener to drift away effortlessly into this enthralling sea of music.

Even though my musical horizons are strongly diverse I must admit the pop is often what I rely on to raise my mood every now and then. There is always something so intriguing about pop artists that it allows me to bask in their lyrics and roast over the fire of their songs. It often inspires me as an artist who needs a little inspiration when the glass has tipped over. The opening track is “Matter of Time”; I found this titular track to be the core to my excitement when I first introduced myself to the EP. Personally I felt it was in fact a wonderful way to unite with the listener. “I want you to know you can count on me, we are permanent. The clouds are grey over me… it’s a matter of time, it’s a matter of time and you’ll be mine, and you’ll be mine.” I’ve been struck rather thoroughly because of these vibrant lyrics that seem to be all rotating in my mind on a constant basis.

The next track on the EP is “Neil Young (Once Again),” a track that radiates a true sense of cold comfort, cold in the context that it is much more lax than the track before it but comforting because it reminded me of how I felt when I had my first ride on the Ferris Wheel many years ago. To the auditory it appears to be much mellower while it portrays such beautiful musical calligraphy. I usually find it strongly entertaining where a band varies up the criss-cross between tracks, i.e. fast tempo, slow tempo, medium tempo; consistently, I am more interested in albums where the songs do not cling evenly to one another and yet flow easily from track to track. I always try to find ways to relate to the lyrics that are depicted in most songs, and once the connection is achieved I find myself much more accepting to the song itself.

Next up on the list is “Santa Sofia,” electricity is instantly passed from keyboard to keyboard as soon as the track opens, following this electricity is Clod’s soft yet aggressive vocals that seem amplified by the “clapping” preset on the keyboard. Eventually when the 4:32 are almost near the end, the track is revived by a sonic radiation that finally pulls the listener in deeper and deeper, almost as if this were the direct climax of the song entirely, and then listener is whirl pooled down and released carefully onto a boat leading to the next track on the EP. The finale on the EP is one that I adore just as much as the very first track: “Take Me to the Other Side.” The track is extraordinary in every concept of the word; in fact it even reminds me of one of my favorite bands, Mew, because of how peaceful the song is. The track opens with a record player of recorded voices that set the mood in an old fashion sort of way, then the chimes on the keyboard, then Clod and his guitar which then conduct a solid serenade that almost brings a sublime sadness to the piece. “Oh once again, I want to be loved by someone, and feel my legs shake and feel the apple taste inside my mouth.” Lyrics that are this heartfelt make this closing of this EP truly awe-inspiring.

I do not think there is much more to say other than what has already said about the “Matter of Time EP”; although I often try to create visual paintings of exactly what each and every track is like, I must admit that this time around there is truly no comparison that can be made. Iori’s Eyes’ slogan is “we born, we grow, we couple.” In a matter of them growing, I believe that they have superb talent that will allow them to soar far and wide because they are truly phenomenal. I do not think I could try to encourage the average listener to indulge themselves in Iori’s Eyes “Matter of Time EP” any more than I already have, so do yourself the favor and go enjoy something different.

Track Listing:
1. Matter of Time
2. Neil Young (Once Again)
3. Santa Sofia
4. Take Me to the Other Side

Keep up with Iori’s Eyes at their homepage, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here are the videos for "Matter of Time" from the ioriseyes Youtube Channel.

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