08 October 2011

Matthew Mercer: "Vicious"

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About two years ago, I got to review and interview the legendary Steven Severin (of Siouxsie and the Banshees) and Michael Nova (of X: THC). The one common link between them was the use of film as part of the medium for music; they both made me reconsider how music can be used not simply to enhance or accompany a visual experience, but also to become part of that experience – to work in tandem to create something greater than its sum. Nova filmed his own piece, while Severin deferred to classic silent films, reviving them from the forgetfulness of history. Matthew Mercer (half of the duo Microfilm) has joined the list of amazing musicians composing music for film – in this case, Devan McGrath’s short film, “Vicious.” Working with the same title, “Vicious” (4 October 2011), Mercer has composed sixteen tracks, many in the same vein of “Pianissimo Possible” (link), which are compelling without the visual.

I have not seen the film “Vicious,” though I have included the trailer below. To say the least, from the short trailer I am definitely interested in seeing the complete short and how Mercer’s music works in tandem with it, but having reviewed the works of Microfilm and Mercer’s solo output, I have no doubt that his meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful craftsmanship captures the essence of what is on the screen.

Mercer’s “Vicious” is streaming on Soundcloud (link), where you can listen to and download the collection. I rather allow the music to speak for itself, but I did include one example from the collection – the titular track, “Vicious.”

Vicious by Matthew Mercer

From the ultra brief, completely minimalist (think of those elusive moments at dawn or dusk) “Fade Away” at the opening to the epic at the end, “Barely There” (apparently not included in the film), the music itself is a compelling journey through esoteric soundscapes and mesmerizing out-of-the-box arrangements. True to form, Mercer has created a collection of songs that is impossible to guess in which direction the music will be taking you. And I always hesitate to use the definitive term “song” when it comes to Mercer. What I should say is that these are brilliant tracks that in their current incarnation will mesmerize you.

Check out this collection, and I will keep try to find more information on the short, “Vicious.”

Track Listing:
1. Fade From Black
2. The Dream
3. Back on the Bike
4. Weapons
5. Tripp Appears
6. Riding at Dusk
7. Close Call / Face to Face
8. Something Strange
9. Déjà vu
10. Joining Up
11. Outrage & Tragedy
12. Blow-Up
13. Unscathed
14. Vicious
15. Loom
16. Barely There

Keep up with Matthew Mercer at his homepage, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, visit his Soundcloud page where you can preview “Vicious” and download it (for free). And checkout his Bandcamp page where you can also preview and download “Vicious” and check out other entries in his discography.

For more information On Devan McGrath’s “Vicious” you may visit his website or the Facebook page for the film.

Here is the trailer for “Vicious” from DevanMcGrath’s Vimeo Channel: dmcg.

VICIOUS: Teaser Trailer from Devan McGrath on Vimeo.

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