27 December 2011


This is dedicated to the fans of Mutineers…

Last Christmas, I posted a review of Mutineer’s “Friends, Lovers, Rivals” (link to review) and one month later had the opportunity to interview band member Michael Reed (link to interview). One of the questions I asked was if the band had any plans on coming to America; of course, the reality of this has more to do with the business aspect of the music industry: have enough units sold to mitigate a voyage across the Atlantic. Mutineers were in that precarious nebulous space that many nascent indie bands find themselves: though the music is incredible, the spreading of the word of the music has been arduous. The band only played one show this year, a festival, performing side-by-side with the likes of Bad Lieutenant (Bernard Sumner’s [of New Order fame] band), The Buzzcocks, and The Charlatans, while individual members of the band had been working on separate projects. But in this post-broadband revolutionized world, anyone should expect the unexpected and Twitter happened.

Mutineers / Photographer: Scott Kershaw

Just head over to Mutineers’ Twitter page. Slowly but surely, the number of followers have started to increase, the band started trending on Twitter (#mutineers), and getting messages from indie music fans, who have been known to quote the lyrics of songs at the band. But this has not happened because there is nothing better to do on Twitter, this has started to happen because of the quality of music that Mutineers have made available. If the quality of the music or its visceral impact on people were nonexistent, this trend would not be happening, and at this point I feel the need to quote my original post on Mutineers: “So why Mutineers? One, one should always support nascent bands, especially one as talented as Mutineers. Two, “Friends, Lovers, Rivals” (which could be the name of a chapter in anyone’s biography!) is an adventure through a luscious soundscape that is infectious and vividly striking, with intricate arrangements that are heartfelt.” I think this is what fans understand.

So if you did not or did not have the opportunity to read my review on “Friends, Lovers, Rivals” or the interview, click on those links above … and if you like what you are reading/listening to, head over to Twitter and send the band a message. It is important for us, as listeners of music, to support the bands we like, and in this current environment in the music industry, where numbers mean more than (nurturing) talent, it is important to have your voice heard somehow. This is the reason why I always include the contact information for the band under “Keep up with…” towards the end of every post. Every post, every Tweet matters; without the support from fans, any and all band will fade away into history – so if this is a band that matters to you, join the mutiny.

Keep up with Mutineers at their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here is a stream of “Stick Together” form the armstrongthomas YouTube Channel.

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