01 January 2012

Top Art Work of 2011

This post starts the first of four (covers, videos, tracks, and albums) that will rank the Top of 2011. Below are the album and EP covers that we found ourselves staring at over and over again for one reason or another. (Just a note, all of the covers are in alphabetical order according to album title, but we decided for the first time to single out our top pick at the bottom of the list.) Enjoy!

Zola Jesus’ “Conatus”

Thirteen Senses’ “Crystal Sound”

Second’s “Demasiado Soñadores”

France’s “Grand Tour EP”

PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake”

Architecture in Helsinki’s
“Moment Bends”

I Was A King’s “Old Friends”

Daisy Chains’ “A Story Has No Beginning or End”

Esben and The Witch’s “Violet Cries”

Cover of the Year: SebastiAn’s “Total

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