01 January 2012

Top Videos of 2011

What follows are ten videos we could not stop viewing and pondering over again and again. (Just a note, all of the songs are in alphabetical order according to song title, but we decided for the first time to single out our top pick at the bottom of the list.) Enjoy!

The Chapman Family’s “Anxiety” from thechapmanfamilytv YouTube Channel.

IAMX’s “Bernadette” from the iamx YouTube Channel.

Villagers’ “Cecelia and Her Selfhood” from the DominoRecords YouTube Channel.

Mojo Fury’s “Colour of the Bear” from the mojoFURYvisual YouTube Channel.

Creep’s “Day” from the youngturksrecords YouTube Channel.

David’s Lyre’s “In Arms” from the ThisIsDavidsLyre YouTube Channel.

Thirteen Senses’ “The Loneliest Star” from the ThirteenSensesTV YouTube Channel.

Erland and the Carnival’s
“Map of an English Man” from the FullTimeHobbyRecords YouTube Channel.

Those Dancing Days’ “Reaching Forward” from the UniversalMusicSweden YouTube Channel.

Video of the Year: Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic” from the DuranDuranVEVO YouTube Channel.

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