02 January 2012

Top Tracks of 2011

For one reason or another, whether they touched us personally or they simply blew our minds away, these are the individual tracks we could not stop listening to. (Just a note, all of the songs are in alphabetical order according to song title, but we decided for the first time to single out our top pick at the bottom of the list.) Enjoy!

The Chapman Family’s “Anxiety” (from thechapmanfamilytv YouTube Channel).

The Android Angel’s “Brooklyn Bridge” (from the The Android Angel Bandcamp page).

Those Dancing Days’ “Fuckarias” (from the wichitarecordings YouTube Channel).

Cut City’s “Ghost Pose – 1) Lover, 2) Drifter, 3) Floater” (from the Cut City Bandcamp Page)

The Japanese Popstars’ “Joshua,” featuring Tom Smith [of Editors] (from TheJapanesePopstVEVO YouTube Channel).

She Wants Revenge’s
“Little Star” (streaming on their Facebook BandPage).

//orangenoise’s “Rabblerouser” (from //orangenoise Bandcamp page).

Stephen Vs. Stephen’s “The Void” (from the Stephen Vs. Stephen Bandcamp Page).


PJ Harvey’s “The Words That Maketh Murder” [Live] (from the PJHarveyVEVO YouTube Channel).

Track of the Year: Duran Duran’s “Before the Rain” (from the 07DuranDuran YouTube Channel).

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