03 January 2012

Top Albums of 2011

These are not just collections of random songs; these are albums in the traditional sense that we lost ourselves in hour after hour. (Just a note, all of the albums are in alphabetical order according to album title, but we decided for the first time to single out our top pick at the bottom of the list.) Enjoy!

Golden Gardens’ “Between the Amulet and The Siren”

[Video: “Ghostwood” from the gossamerruby YouTube Channel.]

Brett Anderson’s “Black Rainbows”

[Video: “Brittle Heart” from the BrettAndersonVideo YouTube Channel.]

Second’s “Demasiado Soñasores”

[Video: “N.A.D.A.” from the secondmusic YouTube Channel.]

PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake”

[Video: “Let England Shake” from the letenglandshake YouTube Channel.]

Architecture in Helsinki’s “Moment Bends”

[Video: “Contact High” from the ArchitecureIHVEVO YouTube Channel.]

Kevin Pearce’s “Pocket Handkerchief Lane”

[Track: “Don’t Fall Down” from Kevin’s Pearce’s Soundcloud.]

DONT FALL DOWN by kevinpearcemusic

Matthew Mercer’s “Pianissimo Possibile”

[Video: “And the Sky Opened Up” from the matthewdmercer YouTube Channel.]

Amazing Electronic Talking Cave’s “Radio Psylence”

[Video Teaser: “Permanent Black Marker” from the aetcvideos YouTube Channel.]

Erasure’s “Tomorrow’s World”

[Video: Live Rehearsal of “I Lose Myself” from the erasureinfo YouTube Channel.]

Album of the Year: Diego Garcia’s “Laura”

[Video: “You Were Never There” from the diegogarciaTV YouTube Channel.]

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