06 June 2009

Lacrosse Answers 5

Being a fan of music, I greatly appreciate the process a band has to go through from recording to releasing to promoting/touring a new album. With a new album out, their sophomore effort, “Bandage for the Heart,” Lacrosse is busy at work. If you think it is hard for an American or English band to get notoriety, just imagine how much more work goes into a band from a non-English speaking nation. But I am telling you, unlike the American and British scenes that can be summed up with a few words, the music out of Sweden in these past few years is lush and diverse. From metal to pop, Scandinavian musicians are proving that rock/modern pop may be an American invention, but they can perfect it better than the Brits. And with all the work that takes, Kristian and Nina still took the time to Answer 5.

Photograph by Johan Rubbestad Lilja

1. Who are your musical and nonmusical influences?

We find it hard to agree on musical influences. We're six people in the band and we all got a lot of different influences. So far we have found out that everyone in the band can agree on liking Sonic Youth, Bob Hund and Dolly Parton.

2. The music is reminiscent of the energy and ideas of childhood, yet completely for adults. How do you approach composing and recording your music?

Like children stumbling our way through life.

3. Is anything off topic or taboo for a musician to sing about?


Photograph by Sebastian Tim

4. You have chosen to sing in English. Why? Is there any special challenges for your band considering that you are not from an English-speaking nation?

Every day is a challenge. But the greatest challenge of them all will probably come when we someday, hopefully, go to USA to play. There will probably only be pissed off Lacrosse-players in the audience. That’s a problem. Maybe we have to change our name on that tour to something like: "Lacrosse is so much more than just a sport."

5. What can we expect live? (Any chance of coming to the USA?)

If you expect a lot, this is what you'll get. Without promising too much, we tend to find new members when touring. Last time in Germany it was Ramon; he came along for all the shows and had a crazy party all week. On the other hand, if you don't expect anything, you might be happily surprised.

Keep up with Lacrosse at their homepage and MySpace.

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  1. OMG, they are like, awesome! I checked out some of their songs and I had to listen to "We Are Kids" over and over again!