27 June 2009

Seven, Not Six Videos

Here are some videos that I have been hooked on lately. I know the tradition is six videos, but I could not cut any of these out. Each video is so different from the other and amazingly good, I had to post them all. Enjoy these great videos.

Plastiscines: "Barcelona" from the NylonMagazineTV (Nylon Records) YouTube Channel.

Them:Youth: "Bow and Arrows" from their YouTube Channel: themlostyouth.

Just Jack: "Doctor Doctor" from their YouTube Channel: JustJackOfficial.

Archangel: "Do It Again" from their YouTube Channel: ArchangelTV.

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club: "Parrot" from This Is Flake DIY Records YouTube Channel.

LoveLikeFire; "Stand in Your Shoes" from the RootFilms (directors Zack Keller and Ed Skudder) YouTube Channel.

Jamie T: "Sticks N Stones" from his YouTube Channel: jamietmusic.

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