13 June 2009

Vids I'd Like to Share

Link Update

Been sort of crazy lately, and there is a lot out there I want to share. But here is a bit of an update: both Mirage and Hyena have decided to commit to becoming contributors (thanks guys) and of course Juju is always a godsend! So here is my second post of the day, some videos that I have not been able to stop viewing the last few days - all for different reasons. Some for quirky music, others for amazing concepts, and some for amazing voices. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Frankmusik: "Confusion" - from Island Records YouTube Channel.

The Phantom Band: "The Howling" - from the chemikal (Chemikal Underground Records) YouTube Channel

Enter Shikari: "Juggernaut" - from AmbushReality (Ambush Reality / Tiny Evil Label) YouTube Channel.

Little Boots: "New in Town" - from her YouTube Channel: littlebootsvidoes

V V Brown: "Shark in the Water" from Island Records YouTube Channel.

Embed disabled, by the video can be seen at this link: "Shark in the Water"

We Have Band: "You Came Out" - from their YouTube Channel: wehaveband.

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