03 July 2009

Amazing Baby: “Rewild”

The Brooklyn based band Amazing Baby has just released their debut album “Rewild” (22 June 2009). The New York / Brooklyn music scene is no joke; highly competitive, it has given birth to many viable and relevant musicians, from Interpol and White Rabbits, to Heloise and the Savoir Faire and Dirty Projectors. To rise to the level and competency to be part of this scene is no easy feat. What makes Amazing Baby’s album even more impressive is the shocking fact that these guys started off as ringtone designers. Regardless though of what you think of the New York music scene or ringtone designers, you will have to admit that their eccentric noise will help to establish them and garnish attention.

With their own take on rhythmic drumming, acoustic guitars and distorted sounds, they bring a refreshing sort of psychedelic music. When these guys perform, they might not look like the hippies of yesteryear (or today’s hipsters), but it’s almost like going back in time; a sort of mix of the best of 60s rock-pop and psychedelic with the urgency of today’s music. Carrying a sound that is reminiscent of a time period this far back is quite risky, considering that everyone is going crazy for the 80s these days, but as many New Yorkers, they reject what is expected of them and tread on in the direction of their choice.

Each song is overly catchy and unique. I disagree with the constant categorization that all of their music is psychedelic, as this just minimizes the range of music here. Sure, it is undeniable that many of the songs would fit nicely in that description, but there are more elements at play – from that experimental indie-pop to dance elements, this album continuously breaks free from definitive labeling. Their two singles “Pump Yr Breaks” and “Bayonets” do not just serve as ear candy but also have proven to be lyrically sound. Check out the opening lyrics to “Pump Yr Breaks.” Cryptic and stream of consciousness, they paint an image that is worthy of veteran lyricists: “Pump your brakes, kid. Leave me alone. Fallen angels over the phone, the bottle's nearly empty by the end of the show. You said you wouldn't leave me but you left me alone…”

I am going to avoid making predictions, but this is the most interesting debut album I have listened to all year. And though I do love a lot of the 80s influenced music, I think this may be the first band out there that has the potential to interest audiences in music influenced by another era. Either way, this eclectic, iconoclastic even, album is one that you should not allow to get by you.

Track Listing:
1. Bayonets
2. Invisible Place
3. Kankra
4. Headdress
5. Dead Light
6. Deerripper
7. Old Tricks in Hell
8. The Narwhal
9. Roverfrenz
10. Smoke Bros
11. Pump Yr Breaks

Keep up with Amazing Baby at their homepage and MySpace.

Here is their video for “Headdress” from their YouTube Channel: theamazingbaby.

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