03 July 2009

Moby: "Wait for Me"

Finally Moby’s new album is out. Born Richard Melville Hall and a native New Yorker, Moby is one of the most prolific artists out there. “Wait for Me” (29 June 2009 UK, 30 June 2009) marks his ninth studio album. What has always amazed me about Moby is how dynamic he is: DJ, singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and performer. Completely underrated, the reality is that Moby is no lightweight in the music industry; he is a veteran with a few international platinum albums under his belt. On a sidenote, though this album is released under the moniker of Moby, remember he has also employed other monikers: Voodoo Child, Schaumgummi, Vatican Commandos, AWOL, Caeli Seoul and Gin Train.

Typically speaking, I am not a fan of DJ generated music, but this album has honestly been an eye opening experience for me, for two reasons. First is that he is the first DJ I have listened to that has actually been able to make songs that just make me stop and think; he is able to fill me with both emotions and thoughts. Second, this is not your typical electronic album in the sense of tempo and arrangements; there seems to be a personal side to this album that seethes through the music, allowing anyone to listen to it and feel a connection. The album begins with “Division,” a amazing soothing, classically influenced song, which leads into the perfect harmonies of body and soul in “Pale Horses.” The album then continues to slowly addict you to the slowness and pure beauty of the melody and in the case of “JLTF” (one of my favorites an amazing), to addict you to voice.

This album is filled with so many sounds and instruments, arranged to perfection, that sing together to make this the ultimate rainy day experience I have ever heard. Moby set out to make a personal album and let me tell you it doesn’t get much more personal then what you feel when shifting through song after song. What is amazing is that he is able to convey this sense of being “personal” through music. If music can be poetic, if poetry can be uttered without words, then it is the music of this album. This album is filled with great songs that have no issue transitioning from one to another, almost as if being one long track that will soothe your soul throughout the entire time.

Track Listing:
1. Division
2. Pale Horses
3. Shot in the Back of the Head
4. Study War
5. Walk with Me
6. Stock Radio
7. Mistake
8. Scream Pilots
9. Jltf 1
10. Jltf
11. A Seated Night
12. Wait for Me
13. Hope Is Gone
14. Ghost Return
15. Slow Light
16. Isolate

Keep up with Moby at his homepage, MySpace, and Facebook.

Here is his video for “Pale Horses” from the MobyStuff YouTube Channel.

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