10 July 2009

Transbeauce Videos

Over the past few months, I have made all of my friends listen to "Stories on the Radio" by Transbeauce. I can honestly say that it was an exciting experience to write about their music (link) and interivew them (link, they responded in both English and French). I wanted to share two videos by them, "Dressed in Black Berlin" and "The Stars Are Black" (one of my favorite tracks of all time). As demonstrated by these two songs, their music is amazing. Sexy, eerie, and captivating all in one, Transbeauce has a way of hypnotizing the listener with their sound, and even their imagery. Enjoy.

Both videos from LabelNoko YouTube Channel.

"Dressed in Black Berlin"

"The Stars Are Black"

Keep up with Transbeauce at their homepage and MySpace.

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