02 July 2010

The Drums: “Drums”

Though sounding like these lads are straight out of the era of the Joy Division and The Smiths, they actually aren’t. These guys are straight out of Brooklyn and have finally released their debut self-titled album (8 June 2010 as a download; 15 June 2010 as an Import CD). An indie band, though they do not fit comfortably with many of the current indie trends, nor do they have the production flair and pizzazz of other bands rely too heavily on, they keep it simple and carry a good tune, which is what true music was once all about.

Included on the album is “Let’s Go Surfing,” their first proper single from last year, which is one of the most catchy and easiest tunes to follow along, this song just makes me happy every time I listen to it. After listening to it a second time, that whistling got stuck in my head to the point a Lowes associate said to me, “Look’s like someone is having a good day.” The only thing I could have done at the time was laugh. After I explained to her it was a song she said, “That must have been one hell of a song to make you that happy,” and she was right! The song is just so simple and easy to catch onto.

When I first saw the video for “Best Friend” (the first proper single from the album), I was a bit confused. I expected no glitz or glam because they are true musicians, but I couldn’t get over the beauty of the vintage guitar Jacob Graham is playing, and how they were retro dressed. It has become apparent that not only have they turned their musical genre into a lifestyle. What I really like about this video though is that you get a feel of how the band operates. There is just the microphone, the two guitars, and a set of drums – and that reel-to-reel player: can you say backing tracks? Nothing flashy, just simple.

Though The Drums might not seem like the bands that are out there now, trust me, give them a chance. You cannot go wrong with listening to this catchy 80s revival. I will also guarantee you that after listening to this album, there will be that one song that is just stuck in your head and you will be humming it over and over to the point where you annoy the people around you.

Track Listing:
1. Best Friend
2. Me and the Moon
3. Let’s Go Surfing
4. Books of Stories
5. Skippin’ Town
6. Forever and Ever, Amen
7. Down By the Water
8. It Will All End In Tears
9. We Tried
10. I Need Fun In My Life
11. I’ll Never Drop My Sword
12. The Future

Keep up with Scissor Sisters at their hompage, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

Here is their videos for “Let’s Go Surfing” and “Best Friend” from their Youtube Channel: theDrumsForever.

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