28 July 2010

New Wave Videos

So… I was cleaning out some boxes the other day and came across a few mix-tapes that pushed me back twenty years in an instant. This one particular one, 120 minute TDK – my brand of choice back then – really brought back some funny memories. In a nutshell, I made the tape for a friend’s party, who when requesting that I bring music told me, “None of that depressing shit you listen to… bring some of your happy songs.” Well, I can’t say my friend got all those “happy songs,” but she did get an assortment of new wave. I wish I could get some of the other stuff that was on the tape, like Pekinska Patka, but I did manage to find most of the “popular” stuff of its day. Keeping true to my promise of coming on once in a while with some older videos, here are ten great songs: some are still breath-taking, others are even cheesier now than before, but you got to love them anyway. Enjoy!

Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life” from their MySpace Video page.

It's My Life (UK Version)

Talk Talk | MySpace Music Videos

Eurythmics’ “Love Is a Stranger” from the EurythmicsVEVO YouTube Channel.

Duran Duran’s “New Moon on Monday” from their MySpace Video page.

New Moon On Monday

DURAN DURAN | MySpace Music Videos

Men Without Hats’ “Pop Goes the World” from the MenWithoutHatsVEVO YouTube Channel.

Depeche Mode’s “A Question of Time” from their MySpace Video page.

A Question Of Time

Depeche Mode | MySpace Music Videos

Kajagoogoo’s “Too Shy” from their YouTube Channel: Kajagoogoomusic.

‘Til Tuesday’s “Voices Carry” from the TilTuesdayVEVO YouTube Channel.

New Order’s “True Faith” from their MySpace Videos page.

True Faith by New Order

new order | MySpace Music Videos

The Vapor’s “Turning Japanese” from their MySpace Videos page.

Turning Japanese

THE VAPORS | MySpace Music Videos

Information Society’s “What’s On Your Mind” from their MySpace Video page.

What's On Your Mind

Information Society | MySpace Music Videos

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