20 January 2011

Fossil Collective Answers 5

Back in November 2010, I had the opportunity to review The Fossil Collective’s “Honey Slides” EP (link), and I knew that I wanted to pose some questions to the band. So, after a few e-mails and many time consuming obstacles on my behalf, I would like to personally thank David Fendick for taking the time to Answer 5.

1. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Neil Young, Midlake, Fleet Foxes, Elliott Smith, Charles Bukowski (“Honey Slides”)

2. What is the genesis (and meaning) of “Fossil Collective”?

Well the project is primarily Jonny and myself, but the “collective” part means we open it up for other local musicians to help us out, which we have done on the debut EP (“Honey Slides”).

3. Composing and recording as a duo now, what is the process of composing and laying down the tracks for “Honey Slides EP”?

We usually focus on stripping it down acoustically and nailing a good vocal melody, which was always the case in our previous band (Vib Gyor). As far as building the songs up, we are very open-minded and tend not to stick to any rules - just see what comes out. It's something we really enjoy doing, so we don't ever think 'what would other people like to hear?'

4, Any live performances planned? What could we expect on the stage?

Not at the moment. It's all about getting the best album written that we can, before we hit the road.

5. I have heard whispers of a full-length album, so I need to ask, what's next for Fossil Collective?

We have a really good relationship with iTunes US and they have asked us about some kind of exclusive album release through them, so we are very busy writing new material. Expect the album out by the end of the year.

Keep up with Fossil Collective at their MySpace and Facebook. Also, take a look at Take Aim Fire (label).

Here is their video for “On & On” from their MySpace Videos Page.

Fossil Collective - On & On

Fossil Collective | Myspace Music Videos

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