19 January 2011


Second round of videos for the month … earlier this week, someone told me that I best not review Esben and The Witch’s upcoming album, “Violet Cries.” She was adamant that she would review it; so I am happy to say that we will have a guest writer sometime next month. (And of course Alphafalls, Van Diamond, and Femme Fatale posts on their way.) Furthermore, earlier this month I was reunited with my sixth grade teacher; I partook in a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day program that she arranged at my old grammar school. To believe that all these years later, it is a song that inspired both of us – so I had to include it right off the bat. So enjoy The Human League’s live rendition of “The Things That Dreams Are Made Of” and the other videos.

The Human League performing “The Things That Dreams Are Made Of” from the Electronic Beats Viemo Channel.

The Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (live) from Electronic Beats on Vimeo.

Those Dancing Days’ “Fukarias” from the wichitarecordings YouTube Channel.

Esben and the Witch’s “Marching Song” from the matadorrecs YouTube Channel.

The Radio Dept.’s “Never Follow Suit” from the labradorrecords YouTube Channel.

Pecker’s “Paris, Tokyo, New York” from their YouTube Channel: peckerpop.

Gorillaz’s “Phoner to Arizona” from their YouTube Channel: gorillaz.

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