10 March 2011

Art vs. Science: “The Experiment”

Art vs. Science are not the dance-punk you are accustom to listening to when you listen to bands like Metric or Head Automatica, but what Art vs. Science have done is take it to a new level. Hailing from Australia (and of course I am really into the Aussies music scenes lately), their debut album, “The Experiment” (25 February 2011 in the USA), is not an album you want to pass up.

Art vs. Science has a method to their madness: keep their listeners on their toes, destroy any predictability, and changing up the style of each song. They never give you the song or feel twice on the album; this is a testament to their strong songwriting chops. In “Higher” you have funky melodic harmonized singing and later some auto-tuned vocal arrangements, while mixing in a bit of new school phasing noises to old beats. Then all of a sudden they are rapping about Augustus Gloop, a character from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Go figure.

“Finally See Our Way” and “Magic Fountain” are the first two singles off the album. “Finally See Our Way” is a fun song, something that you would play to put a smile on your face, generally try to put you in a good mood with its upbeat tempo. “Magic Fountain” is one of those songs I would expect to hear in original UK series “Skins” (hint to the producers), for it is one of those tracks that you play when you are about to do something illegal … I mean fun.

“Bumblebee” has to be one of the most hypnotic songs I have heard. Its beat will make you bob your head until you get a headache, or something starts shaking and you are thinking I best stop this shit. Not to mention that the lyrics are just one word, “Bumblebee.” I assure you that the song will stay with you. When I played this song for my friends, the moment I sang “Bumblebee,” they all joined me within ten seconds – now if I can get them to shut up! It is the most addictive song … sort of like those chemicals in “Skins.”

Whether you think this is art or a cold calculated electronic science, it is hard to refute that Art vs. Science has created a masterpiece with “The Experiment.” Experimental from beginning to end, get ready to listen to this and then hit repeat over and over and over again.

Track Listing:
1. Finally See Our Way
2. Take a Look At Your Face
3. A.I.M. Fire!
4. Higher
5. Magic Fountain
6. With Thoughts
7. Meteor (I Feel Fine)
8. Rain Dance
9. Bumblebee
10. Heavy Night
11. Sledgehammer
12. Before You Came to This Place
13. Finally See Our Way, Linus Love Remix – bonus track

Keep up with Art vs. Science at their homepage, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter

Here are the videos for “Magic Fountain” and “Finally See Our Way” from their YouTube Channel: ARTVSSCIENCE.

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