26 March 2011

Pendentif: “Pendentif” EP

Our thanks to Renaud from La Bulle Sonore for keeping us in the loop.

Mentally, I’ve surfed the seven seas dozens of times in search of a dream, a dream whose concoction is made from imagination, high-spirits, and things that are borderline fantasy. To find music such as this there is usually a journey that is involved; pop music is found to be rather exciting, there is an essence of freedom coursing through the veins of the music makers and when experienced on an auditory level, listeners can further vouch for this notion. To be said in a more descriptive way, most people listen to music because it is a counter-intuitive escape to their rather normal lifestyles.

I’ve pondered the oceans of music in search of music to make me tired on happy terms and with such ponders I’ve found artists such as Daft Punk whose elaborate work of synth-pop can induce a high amount of amusement into the blood stream; there has also been one of my favorite violinist/singers to have ever reached my playlist by the name of Alexander Rybak whose folk-pop is both sad and enticing in every way. And surely I cannot exclude a great artist known as Imogen Heap who creates both mental and visual dreams that do in fact become a reality. I will admit that it is nice to step out of the circle every once in a while just to chase a dream or two.

Originating from France this band is in my opinion a small epiphany for what true, classic French-pop is; having always been intrigued by the French language, I automatically found this group to be quite enticing. Pedentif [Pendant in English] just happens to be one of those bands that strives to create a new world. A specific need to portray their feminine influences within their music, they have developed a way to mix almost dream like lyrics with surf colliding rhythms. Their songs are mostly influenced by natural elements, seasons, gems and friends. Their new EP, “Pendentif” (28 February 2011), is in fact their way of showing off their exuberant knack for dreamscapes.

Their introduction to their EP is “Rivera,” I am fondly reminded of past music videos that I have watched where there is a recorded shot of the sky in fast forward and there is an expression of how things change with the continuation of time. There is a strong array of feelings that could be felt solely towards their friends. Personally I wish I was a speaker of French so I could further understand the lyrics that are sung so eloquently to one’s ear. Soon after the most enchanting opening is the “Les Villes,” which I am pretty sure means Cities. The rhythms are definitely paced and considered to flow evenly with their almost angelic voices. And again I feel like I am in a place where they sky is flowing past me at top speed but to be more idealistic in a city whose scenery is underneath the setting sun. I am elapsed in a dream state when I listen to their next track, which is self named: “Pendentif.” There is an essence of relief from all the high paced rhythms that were played prior to the third track. I enjoyed this song very much because it seemed slower than their usual choice of musical portrayal. The ending track is “God Save La France,” to be honest is doesn’t sound as desperate as the name, in fact it sounds like there might even be a cheering underneath that same fast forward sky but this time under a tree with many happy faces.

Everyone needs a little pick me up every now and then, now am I right? Pendentif is my idea of such a thing, with the upbeat tones and catchy French lyrics. So there is an advised need to listen to the “Pendentif” EP on a sunny day when you just want to make someone grin!

Track Listings:
1. Rivera
2. Les Villes
3. Pendentif
4. God Save La France

Keep up with Pendentif at their MySpace.

Here is the track “Rivira” from La Bulle Sonore’s Bandcamp page.

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