26 March 2011

The Internet: “The Internet” EP

Shoegazing is really gaining more and more traction in the USA, and The Internet (band’s real name, imagine trying to Google them!) are trying to put their own spin on the genre. The Internet came across the blog’s radar via Twitter, when the band started to follow us there. Hailing from Santa Barbara, California (USA), we thought we would cover the release of their debut EP, “The Internet” EP (28 May 2010). Though a year old, this is shoegaze that gets right under your skin in such a good way.

First off, the album’s cover, for a person who knows quite a bit about computer circuitry, is a picture of a very retro computer board like the one I have recently been working on. When looking at the cover, it holds true to the name of their band, the Internet in a primitive sense: just a bunch of wires, transistors and pretty red lights. In many ways, this is analogous to the band; the shoegaze references are of the older kind, from before its heydays.

The first song of the album, “Don’t You Know?,” gives you that feeling of having a montage of you and a few friends on the beach, having a good time surfing. Shoegaze meets surf rock, this song proves that current American music scenes have something to add to the British indigenous shoegaze. “Pretty Please” has a solid bass line accompanied by the guitarist use of pedals giving you a noticeable cry of the guitar. Once all that is said and done, there is a smooth transition from the first minute thirty to post-punk for the rest of the song. “Spaceships” starts off quite funny with three simple words. “Suck On This!” overall is a very ingeniously melodic song. “Sill Otter!” is one of those songs that are very cute talking about an Otter that they meet while at the beach. “What You Think” starts off with a guitar leading in the rest of the musical arrangements. The track continues to amaze you with the brilliant guitar work and brilliantly crafted guitar solo.

One listen, there is no doubt that this young band, The Internet, is intriguing. Keep this band on your radar; I for one am ready for new music.

Track Listing
1. Don’t You Know?
2. Pretty Please
3. Spaceships
4. Silly Otter!
5. What You Think

Keep up with The Internet at their homepage and Facebook. Head over to their Bandcamp page where you can preview and purchase “The Internet” EP.

Here is a clip of a live performance of “Don’t You Know?” from their YouTube Channel: WeAreTheInternet.

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