14 January 2010

My Luminaries: “Order From the Chaos”

Considering that the music that goes onto debut albums has probably been written and refined over years before a band getting signed, it is usually a better indicator of what a band has to offer by listening to their sophomore effort. Releasing their second album, though their first studio album, "Order from the Chaos" (last year in digital form from Noise Trade, limited hard copies as of this month at bigcartel), My Luminaries has officially confirmed that they have the musical chops that may extend them into longevity. This is the perfect follow-up to their live debut. The album says a lot about who they are as a band; a band that prefers substance and craftsmanship to over-the-top antics and gimmicks, they have written and collected some of the most beautiful songs I have listened to in a long time.

It is not often that I come across an album which really expresses the signature of a band so crisply - you would think these guys and gal are veterans! “Parasol,” the lead single off of the album, is a very soft song. The major differentiating factor that sets what kind of band they are is their guitar playing. While listening, I get this 50's esque feel from the strumming and sound from the guitar - could it be a vintage? "Parasol" (for those who are unfamiliar with the term) is synonymous with umbrella. But a parasol, on a symbolic level, plays a figurative role as it not only a means of shelter, but also security, which I found to be very touching.

Remember that game we use to play as a kid, “Which one of these things do not belong?” I often find myself playing that same game when I am listening to new music. While listening to “Heads Will Roll," I heard the sounds of the harmonica and felt a bit uneasy because harmonicas may be small but deliver big sound, which can easily overwhelm most other instruments. But to my surprise, it tied in with the music perfectly and the guitar playing was exquisite, just as throughout the rest album.

I could rant about this album for a while, but I don’t want to spoil it for you because it is something you should experience for yourself. Don’t half ass it, give it two listens, three listens, and truly appreciate their craftsmanship. (Even when SDM heard the album, his first reaction was: "Shit, this is beautiful.") The album is available as a free download, via Noise Trade, to those who refer the album to five friends, which is a great way to advertise but it is also available to buy online. However, as mentioned above, the CD is limited to 750 copies, so snag yourself a copy before it’s all gone! Also, here is one other reason to go to the Glastonbury Festival this year: My Luminaries will be playing the Queens Head Stage on Thursday, 24 June 2010.

Track Listing:
1. Order From The Chaos
2. Welcome To The Family
3. Parasol
4. Ambition
5. A Little Declaration
6. Homewrecker
7. Clementine
8. The Sound Of Music
9. Heads Will Roll
10. The Firemen
11. Won

Keep up with My Luminaries at their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.
Here is their video for “Welcome to the Family” from their My Luminaries Vimeo Channel.

My Luminaries - Welcome To The Family from My Luminaries on Vimeo.

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