05 January 2010

Power of Dreams Answers 5

Formed in Dublin in 1989, Power of Dreams celebrates the 20th anniversary of their debut release, “Immigrants, Emigrants and Me,” this year. Reforming this year to celebrate the occasion, the band will also release a 2CD limited edition of the album, which will contain the fourteen original tracks, as well their debut EP (“A Little Piece of God”) and b-sides. This will be available on 1 March 2010 online at One Hundred Percent Music. They will be playing a few shows to celebrate the debut as well, and amongst this very hectic schedule, Craig Walker took out the time to Answer 5. Our thanks to Craig Walker, and enjoy!

1. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

The Beatles' music was the first I can remember having a profound effect on me as a kid. The Jam made me want to play electric guitar and quit classical. The Smiths were the band that inspired me to write my first songs. Kevin Shields [My Bloody Valentine] taught me to view melody in a completely different way. These days influences range from conversations/people I collaborate with to books and movies.

2. The Power of Dreams is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its debut release, "Immigrants, Emigrants, and Me." Arguably, the music scene has come around full circle from then. How does it feel listening to so many young bands rehashing the sound you helped established?

Anyone trying to write/perform their own songs are ok in my book. As long as there's a grain of honesty or integrity.

3. Even though we have come around full circle, what differences have you seen in the industry/scene these days?

Technology has changed the industry completely. In lots of ways for the better but in some ways the magic has gone.

4. Craig, you have commented that many bands had to leave Ireland to develop a following and become established. Today, does this still hold true, or has Dublin developed into one of the musical centers of Europe?

Dublin has a pretty vibrant scene and for a country of its size it throws up some good stuff. However, if you don't have success elsewhere, making a career from music is pretty much impossible.

5. It has been over a decade since POD has been on the live circuit; how will you approach your live shows on this tour?

It's gonna be interesting going in to rehearse songs that we haven't played for years. I'm really proud of the music we made and it sounds good still which tells me we did something right. We will be bringing many years of experience to the old songs and hopefully something great will happen!

Keep up with Power of Dreams at their homepage, MySpace, and Facebook.

Also, check them out on tour if you are nearby any of these dates below (ticket information at homepage):

5 March: London (UK), The Luminaire
6 March: Birmingham (UK), The Flapper
7 March: Guildford (UK), Boileroom
8 March: Oxford (UK), Jericho
10 March: Dundalk (UK), Spirit Store
12 March: Dublin (Ireland), Whelans
13 March: Cork (Ireland), The Pavilion

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