21 January 2010

Videos from the 80s...

My brother and I, back in 1986 or so, were obsessed with a local video channel: U68. We would watch all night, over our mother’s screaming to go to bed. But it wasn’t just U68 we obsessed about – we would try to catch as many videos as possible: the early days of MTV, Friday Night Videos, various countdown shows… wherever, whenever we could, we had to consume. Albeit, we would always ultimately return to U68, because we loved the selection of music more than any other outlet for videos. I think we were both depressed the day it went off the air! But U68 really started our journey of discovering music and it was something that we did together. And though the years have passed, more years than I care to shake a finger at, it was one of those defining experiences that bonded my brother and I. Typically, we are day and night, oil and vinegar, though we share the same twisted sense of humor. So I decided to live a little bit of history (live up to my promise of looking back into the past more often than I have in recent months) and share some of these videos. Again, it is so difficult to find so many of these videos from official providers, but here are ten jewels from the 80s that should never be forgotten. (And I will continue to hunt down some more of them, and even try to reach out to bands that are still around to post their older material.) I know that for many, some of these songs and/or videos will be new – which is great. You get to see some of the veterans who laid down the trends that current artists take cues from, and you get to see some veterans during their nascent years. And for others, you may very well have forgotten some of these songs, but memories are going to come rushing back! But ultimately, though I want to share this with everyone, I dedicate this post to my brother, Daniel, and our shared memory of U68 and other early video outlets. We may not always see eye-to-eye, and you really need to upgrade your musical collection, but you have always, at the end of it all, always given me your support and have been a fervent supporter of SlowdiveMusic Blog. For all of that I thank you, and I hope you remember all the late nights watching these videos together.

David Bowie’s “China Girl” from his MySpace Video page.

China Girl

David Bowie | MySpace Music Videos

The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me Baby” from their MySpace Videos page.

Don't You Want Me

The Human League | MySpace Music Videos

King’s “Love and Pride” from the KingVEVO YouTube Channel.

Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” from the Curt Smith / Tears for Fears MySpace Videos page.

Mad World

Curt Smith / Tears For Fears | MySpace Music Videos

Madness’ “Our House” from their YouTube Channel: MadTubeMTV

Depeche Mode’s “People Are People” from their MySpace Videos page.

People Are People

Depeche Mode | MySpace Music Videos

The Clash’s “Rock the Casbar” from theclashVEVO YouTube Channel.

Erasure’s “Sometimes” from their MySpace Videos page.

Sometimes (Video)

Erasure | MySpace Music Videos

Kajagoogoo’s “Too Shy” from their YouTube Channel: Kajagoogoomusic.

Howard Jone’s “What Is Love?” from his MySpace Videos page.

What Is Love?

Howard Jones | MySpace Music Videos


  1. I love this post. I had completely forgot about U68 till you mentioned it. i remember watching that channel for hours on end and these video really bring me back. and it also shows me how much music video's have changed. Thanks for picking our house i still love that song and the video is still funny.

  2. This post finally got me to know who sang "don't you want me" because i knew the song I could just never find it, the video was cool to at the same time. For King's "Love and Pride" it seemed really upbeat i liked it myself and didn't even know the song but it was good in my opinion. "Mad World" caught me the most I don't know what was about it but it seemed mesmerizing and the guy dancing was funny. And "Our House" sounds like a Brady bunch theme somewhat.