07 January 2010

Videos to Ring in the New Year

So 2009 has come and gone, now let’s ring in the New Year with some videos from those that made it on our Best of 2009 and welcome some new comers as well.

Angus & Julia Stone's "and the boys" from The Nettwerk Music Group Youtube Channel.

Temposhark's "Bye Bye Baby" from the Temposhark YouTube Channel

A Place To Bury Strangers' "Keep Slipping Away" from the MuteUSA Youtube Channel.

IAMX and Imogen Heap's "My Secret Friend" from the IAMX Youtube Channel.

Moby 's "One Time We Lived" From the MuteUSA Youtube Channel

Editors's "You Don't Know Love" from their editorsofficial YouTube Channel:


  1. Love!!! LOVVEE Angus and Jula's Oh the Boys video AND SONG!! <3 I love the vintage soft look thats portayed in the video..Imax and Imogen!! I Love this song didnt know they made a video! MORE AWESOMENESS AHHHHH

  2. You just have to love Angus & Julia Stone. I'm in love with their new release "and the boys," it’s the perfect song to start the New Year. It don't get better than A place to Bury Strangers, this band is crazy! "My Secret Friend" music video is NICE (nifty, ingenious, copacetic, and exemplary).